Charon's Return

The virus has infected the crew of the cruise ship/government research facility. Trump can assure you it was definitely not his fault. You have to clean up the mess: fight by yourself or with a maximum of 5 other players through 3 levels, killing zombies, opening doors, collecting weapons, solving puzzles, steering the ship into the Bermuda triangle, protecting the research data, and destroying the Mayan temples that are spawning the zombies, so in the end you can be picked up by Donald Trump's gold helicopter.

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LifePlan is planning attached to a game. You fill in your plan every day and if you did the items you set yourself, you get points to progress in the attached game. This motivates you to do your planning better every day, both by making a better plan and better sticking to it.



Tangerine is a topkek online media platform for video, audio, visual and written content, From funny to serious, from antics to intellectual, created by makers from the north of The Netherlands for anyone aged 12 to 40.


About us

We are currently working on the development of (serious) games with the planning tool Life Plan and the games that can be attached to it, with the VR zombieshooter Charon's Return, and with online media on the media platform Tangerine.

Peter Loef is the man behind New Game Studios. He has a background in philosophy, psychology, film making, organizing
and entrepreneurship. He's been working on Life Plan since 2013,
on Charon's Return and Tangerine since 2016.

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New Game Studios
Travertijnstraat 12

9743 SZ Groningen
Phone number: 050-5690586

Chamber of Commerce number: 60370963

VAT number: NL167279609B01

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